GFS File System Startup

Startup companies are constantly emerging. With the internet has being a core reason for many business success stories, the latest GFS file system has now been more progress towards new technology.

Hadoop engineering is currently a division of Yahoo that is based on research papers describing two of Google's proprietary back-end software platforms, GFS file system and MapReduce. Hadoop was founded by developer Doug Cutting, and the name Hadoop came from the name of his son's yellow stuffed elephant.

The project was begun for use with Nutch, an open-source web crawler, but it took on a life of its own after Cutting was hired by Yahoo. Now there is talk that Yahoo may spin off the Hadoop division, creating a startup that offers support and services around the open-source distributed number-crunching platform.

Yahoo! Is reportedly weighing a spin-off that would be financed in part by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Benchmark Capital. The spin-off Hadoop would compete with the likes of Cloudera, and Yahoo would likely retain a stake in the company. It is uncertain whether Yahoo! will continue the idea or whether they will in turn sell the patent. For more information you can read more about it here.

New Invention Startup Idea at Inventionland

Startup companies often require funding and from this, they will do just about anything to get it. Most companies will then advertise or plan a range of meetings in order to get Karamba angel investors involved in the process. This helps them receive the startup capital require to start their idea. With any good idea, you need a great team that can be able to produce the goods very quickly.

A unique company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Inventionland helps inventors to turn their great invention idea into a profitable reality. This company operates a huge factory that churns out over 200 new invention prototypes per month. They specialize in prototypes for affordable, everyday products and gadgets of the kind which can be sold on TV.

The highly innovative workspace in the Inventionland factory is something straight out of a comic book, yet this one of a kind factory is a success even amid a down economy. Each area of the factory is themed for a different type of invention, such as a pirate ship theme for those inventing toys and a robot theme for those working on electronics. In total, the warehouse offers 61,000 square feet of workspace that is divided into 16 creative departments.

Small Businesses Blind To IT
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According to the latest research conducted by Intel, small businesses were found to be unaware of the latest technology trends which facilitate business owing to the poor financial conditions and lack of technical skills. In the survey of 3,000 IT decision makers of businesses with less than 250 employees, it was obtained that the small businesses are still using fax machines in the times of smartphones. The survey also revealed that companies still lack proper knowledge on data security regulations & technology and clear understanding on many technology advents such as Cloud Computing. The Intel Small Business Index further indicated that about a third of small businesses are not planning to invest in purchasing new laptops, tablets or smartphones up till next year. The research report also incorporates security measures for small businesses and methods of IT budget planning.

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